• ISA Sponsorship Program

    Since 1945, the International Society of Automation has set itself apart as the leading non-profit professional association through the development of vendor-neutral global standards, certifying industry professionals, publishing industry-leading books and articles, hosting conferences and exhibits, and providing networking and career development programs for its 40,000 members and 400,000 customers across the globe.

    Becoming an ISA sponsor means joining a passionate community dedicated to advancing the field of automation. As the professional home for engineers, technicians, business leaders, and students within the automation profession – ISA offers sponsors the opportunity to expand their business goals and objectives and create connections that will last a lifetime.

    Content Sponsorships Opportunities

    Work with ISA to repurpose existing or develop new subject matter content and deliver (co-branded) in various formats to an engaged audience.  Asset-based sponsorship options provide lead generation for the Sponsor.  

    • Custom eBook
    • Custom Webinars
    • Webinars Series on Specific Topics
    • Research on Technology Trend
    • Turnkey Workshop or Session Programming
    • Customized Training at Your Event

    Content Sponsorship Prospectus

    Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

    Increase awareness, cultivate brand interaction and foster loyalty with a targeted and influential audience at one of conferences held throughout the year.

    • Platinum Sponsorship (includes end user speaker slot, reception and lunch sponsor, much more)
    • Gold Sponsorship (includes lunch sponsor, welcome address, much more)
    • Cocktail Reception Sponsor (includes welcome address, much more)
    • Lunch/Breakfast Sponsorship (includes welcome address, much more
    • Lanyard, Tote Bag, Water Bottle Sponsorships
    • Exhibit Package

    Conference Sponsorship & Exhibit Prospectus

    Advertising Opportunities

    Integrated media packages deliver lead generation, promotional punch and brand awareness in today's rapidly evolving industrial automation market.

    • Platform-wide content marketing with lead generation
    • eBooks with lead generation
    • eNewsletters with lead generation
    • Print Advertising
    • Website Banner Ads
    • Content-targeted Ads
    • Social Media Channel Ads
    • Webinars (Advertiser presents, editor moderates)

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    Sponsor Recognition

    Companies who sponsor and advertise across ISA's platforms deserve special recognition for their support. ISA's platforms include Automation.com, InTech, Content Sponsorships and Conference Sponsorships. ISA's corporate sponsorships program provides a continuous recognition platform for companies whose support for ISA reaches identified spending levels (subject to change each year.)  Each level offers a number of additional value-add opportunities for exposure.  Contact your account manager for more details.

    • Spend $75,000 Across ISA's Media and Event Channels to be Recognized as an ISA Corporate Sponsor.
    • Spend $150,000 Across ISA's Media and Event Channels to be Recognized as an ISA Strategic Sponsor.

    For more information about our sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact one of our Account Managers today!

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    For more information about our sponsorship programs, contact:

    Rick Zabel
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