• July 2018

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    President’s Message ISA Insights July img

    Reflecting marketplace needs, its commitment to innovation, ISA to conduct new and improved events in the coming months

    By Brian Curtis, 2018 ISA President

    While ISA has made solid progress to date, our performance during the remainder of 2018 will greatly determine our overall results for the year. More...

    Voting for Society leaders ends 20 July

    Don’t waste this opportunity to help determine the future of ISA. Voting for 2019 Society leaders ends 20 July. (Remember, only those who held Professional ISA member status as of 15 May are eligible to vote.) To cast your ballots, visit the ISA log-in page. Vote Now!

    New ISA book on Safety Instrumented Systems life-cycle based on ISA/IEC 61511 standard

    Safety Instrumented Systems: A Life-Cycle Approach, by Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE and Simon Lucchini, CFSE, MIEAust CPEng, leverages the performance and documentation requirements defined in the ISA/IEC 61511 process safety standard along with the authors' nearly 80 years of safety system experience and expertise. Learn more by reading the recent press release and Q&A feature with the authors, then get your copy today.More... 

    Preliminary program for 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls (WWAC) Symposium now available

    Join industry leaders 6-9 August for the 2018 ISA WWAC Symposium. This high-energy program will attract a wealth of professionals sharing experiences and best practices in solving critical water/wastewater industry challenges.  More... 

    ISA@Montreal Symposium 2018—a new multi-dimensional automation track experience

    Take advantage of the outstanding professional development opportunities at the ISA@Montreal Symposium 2018, to be held 16-17 October. Discover a keenly focused conference program, ISA technical training courses, and a vendor showcase of innovative supplier solutions.  More... 

    School robotics programs funded by ISA’s Edmonton Section showcase their STEM skills

    Two Canadian schools with robotics programs funded by ISA's Edmonton Section demonstrated their robot programming skills at the section's annual Automation Expo & Conference, which was held 25-26 April this year in Edmonton, Alberta. Learn more about these talented students and how ISA's Edmonton Section is supporting and encouraging young people's STEM learning in the article and video posted on the section website.  More... 

    Honeywell, an ISA Corporate Partner, sends science and math teachers to space academy

    Honeywell, an ISA Corporate Partner, in June hosted 224 teachers from 35 countries and 45 US states and territories during the annual Honeywell Educators at Space Academy program at the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala. The teachers participated in several STEM activities designed to help them better inspire a new generation of scientists.  More... 

    How can your organization optimize the value of IoT?

    While global spending on The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2020, most organizations are not positioned to take advantage of the vast potential of IoT. A new study by Capgemini, a global consulting and technology services company, is designed to help enterprises unlock the value of IoT operations.  More... 

    ISA honors automation visionary and legend Dick Morley with scholarship fund

    ISA has created a named scholarship fund in honor of Dick Morley, the initial designer of the first Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)—a primary component in modern-day automation. Morley, 84, passed away on 17 October, 2017. Find out how you can help carry on Morley’s legacy of innovation and discovery in industrial automation.  More... 

    Stay informed on ISA section and district news

    Keep up to date on the important events and activities occurring at the section-and district-level of the Society in this regular feature of ISA Insights. More…

    ISA News

    Register today for the 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls (WWAC) Symposium

    ISA publishes new book on Safety Instrumented Systems life-cycle based on ISA/IEC 61511 functional process safety standard

    Technical Knowledge on Demand

    On ISA Interchange

    Do Government Pipeline Regulations Improve Safety?

    Webinar Recordings:
    10 Essentials of a Successful Upgrade or DCS Migration Webinar Recording

    Strange but True Process Control Stories



    Inside InTech

    Feature: Cover
    What’s next for big data in process manufacturing

    By Michael Risse

    Feature: Process Automation
    Optimizing related process variables to improve profitability

    By Yasunori Kobayashi

    Feature: Factory Automation
    Simplified remote access 

    By Benson Hougland

    Certification Review

    Certification Review - CAP
    Certification Review - CCST

    Meet our Members

    Q&A with Patricia Brett

    As Senior Principal Engineer at Honeywell Process Solutions, Patricia Brett applies her expertise as a software security architect for embedded control devices. She has worked at Honeywell for 37 years, beginning her tenure at the company in 1981 as a Principal Engineer. Within ISA, she serves as a managing director on ISA’s Standards and Practices board and has been highly involved in a range of ISA standards committees.  More...

    Upcoming Industry Events

    2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium

    Training: 6-7 August

    Conference: 8–9 August

    Bethesda, Maryland, USA

    IACS Cybersecurity Training Course Series

    12 September 2018 - 4 October 2018

    Newhall, California, USA

    Technical Training Course Series

    1–25 October 2018

    Houston, TX USA

    ISA@Montreal Symposium 2018

    Training: 15 October

    Conference: 16–17 October

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Make participating in an ISA technical division symposium part of your annual professional development plans

    The 2018 ISA symposia season is just around the corner. Make your plans now to take advantage of the professional development and networking opportunities through these unique, niche industry conference events. Visit here to see the 2018 events calendar!  

    Notable ISA Technical Resources

    ISA Technical Training

    Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Level I Review Course (TS00)
    6-10 August 2018
    Edgemont, PA USA

    Installing, Calibrating & Maintaining Electronic Instruments (TI25)
    6-10 August 2018
    Newhall, CA USA

    Control Systems Engineering PE Exam Review Course (EN00)
    9-11 August 2018

    Houston, TX USA

    Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement Engineering (EI05)
    13-14 August 2018

    Research Triangle Park, NC USA


    ISA Technical Publications

    Buzz on Books

    NEW! Third Edition!

    A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge, Third Edition  

    Edited By:
    Nicholas P. Sands, PE, CAP, ISA Fellow
    Ian Verhappen, P Eng, CAP, ISA Fellow

    Related Reading: Resources for the CCST®, CAP®, CSE, and PE exams

    CCST Resource Library

    CSE Study Library

    Technician Guide Series

    Control Systems Engineer Technical Reference Handbook

    By Chuck Cornell, P.E., CAP, PMP

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