• November 2018

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    October’s Annual Leaders Conference: An opportunity for face-to-face engagement and celebration of Society contributions

    By Brian Curtis, 2018 ISA President

    What a great event ISA recently conducted in Montreal, Canada! We held our Annual Leaders Conference (ALC), previously known as the Fall Leaders Meeting (FLM). It was so exciting and fulfilling spending time with our dedicated ISA staff and volunteer leadership teams. More...

    ISA announces 2018 Standards & Practices Department award winners

    At the recent ISA Annual Leadership Conference in Montreal, Quebec, ISA’s Standards & Practices (S&P) Department presented annual awards in recognition of outstanding technical contributions and leadership in the development of these standards. More...

    Watch video of ISA’s 2018 Honors and Awards Gala!

    ISA has developed a video of its Honors and Awards Gala, which was held Sunday, 14 October at the Grand Hyatt Montreal in Quebec, Canada. The Honors and Awards program recognizes outstanding individuals for the contributions they have made to the Society and/or automation industry.  More... 

    Thanks to respondents of ISA Insights reader survey

    ISA expresses its appreciation to those who completed the recent ISA Insights reader survey. The Society is integrating the input received to develop both graphic and editorial changes to the newsletter. Watch for more information. 

    ISA salutes 2018 author award recipients

    ISA is proud to announce the recipients of its 2018 author awards presented annually by ISA’s Publications Department. Winners are recognized for their editorial contributions to a wide range of ISA publications, including ISA books; InTech, ISA’s bi-monthly magazine; and ISA Transactions.  More... 

    Statistics underscore growing need for ISA industrial cybersecurity standards

    Almost 40 percent of all industrial control systems and critical infrastructure faced a cyberattack at some point in the second half of 2017. Many experts say a “Pearl Harbor”-type of cyberattack is inevitable.  More... 

    Automation Federation member announces 2018 international award recipients

    The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)—a member of the Automation Federation—recognizes seven International Honor Award winners for their contributions to manufacturing technologies, processes, technical writing, education, research, and management.  More... 

    In memoriam: David Nolan Bishop

    David Nolan Bishop—ISA Fellow, 1991-92 ISA President, and Society member for 47 years—died 18 September 2018 at the age of 78.  More... 

    Stay informed on ISA section and district news

    Keep up to date on the important events and activities occurring at the section-and district-level of the Society in this regular feature of ISA Insights. More…

    ISA News

    Industrial cybersecurity experts from government and private industry explore advances in protecting energy sector from cyberattack

    ISA’s 2018 standards awards highlight cybersecurity and enterprise integration  

    Technical Knowledge on Demand

    On ISA Interchange

    What Types of Process Control Models are Best?

    How to Test and Validate a Pipeline Leak Detection System

    How to Get Rid of Level Oscillations in Industrial Processes



    Inside InTech

    Features: System Integration
    Steam trap monitoring enables predictive maintenance

    By Tom Bass

    Features: Automation IT
    Scale and scope

    By J. Patrick Kennedy, Ph.D.

    Special Section: Process Safety
    Shipped NGL producer improves commissioning, troubleshooting, and safety

    By Glenn Schulz

    Certification Review

    Certification Review – CAP
    Certification Review – CCST

    Meet our Members

    Q&A with Tom McAvinew 

    While fully retired from Audubon Engineering Services—a global EPCM services provider serving the oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, and pipeline industries—Tom McAvinew continues to be highly active within ISA. An ISA member for more than 50 years, McAvinew serves as a Managing Director on the ISA Standards and Practices Department Board and as Chair of the ISA 5 Committee, Documentation Standards.  More...

    Upcoming Industry Events

    Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection (EC52)

    2-4 December 2018

    Royersfored, PA (Greater Philadelphia Area)

    Advanced Design & SIL Verification (EC54)

    5-6 December 2018

    ISA Headquarters

    Royersford, PA (Greater Philadelphia Area)

    Introduction to Industrial Processes, Measurement, and Control (FG07)

    10-14 December 2018

    ISA Headquarters

    RTP, NC (Greater Raleigh Area)

    Tuning Control Loops (TC05)

    10-12 December 2018

    Newark, DE USA

    Troubleshooting Instrumentation and Control Systems (TC10)

    13-14 December 2018

    Newark, DE USA

    Notable ISA Technical Resources

    ISA Technical Training

    Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Level II Exam Review Course (TS02)
    26-29 November 2018
    ISA Headquarters

    RTP, NC (Greater Raleigh Area) USA

    Fire & Gas System Engineering: Performance-Based Methods for Process Facilities (EC56P)
    26-28 February 2019
    Houston, TX USA

    Process Automation Boot Camp for Non-Maintenance Personnel (PABC)
    8-12 April 2019

    Houston, TX USA

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    Automation Education Network
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    ISA Technical Publications

    Buzz on Books

    Books on Flow

    Flow Measurement Second Edition

    By David W Spitzer

    Industrial Flow Measurement, Third Edition

    By David W Spitzer

    The Tao of Measurement: A Philosophical View of Flow and Sensors

    By Jesse Yoder and Dick Morley

    Measurement Uncertainty, Fifth Edition

    By Ronald H. Dieck

    ISA Handbook of Measurement, Equations and Tables, Second Edition

    By Jim Strothman

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