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    ISA Spain Upcoming Events

    Training Course on Process Analyzers
    4 p.m.
    January 2018

    This training course on process analyzers has been postponed until January 2018.

    Training course on Instrumentation Management
    9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    20-22 February 2018

    Installation and maintenance of instrumentation will be covered in this training course. The teacher will be Santiago Cordoba of SABIC, an experimented professional with a lot to share with new generations.

    Technical meeting
    Connectivity on the Plant: How to use Mobile Devices in Industry

    4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
    February 2018
    Huelva and Cartagena

    Mobile devices are widely used in day-to-day life. The meeting will discuss the applications in industry.

    Training course on IC32: Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist
    9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    12-13 March 2018

    This standard ISA course will be presented in Spanish for the first time in Spain. It will cover the fundamentals of industrial cybersecurity. After the training course, students have the option of taking an exam to obtain the corresponding certificate. The IC33: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Specialist course will be offered later in the year.

    For more information on ISA Spain's upcoming events and courses please visit www.isa-spain.org or contact isa@isa-spain.org.

    Fundamentals of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Control

    8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    1-2 May 2018
    Birmingham, Alabama

    The 47th Annual Fundamentals of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, and Control training class will be sponsored by the ISA Birmingham Section.  This three-day class will provide instruction on the foundational aspects of industrial automation, instrumentation, and control.  It is intended for engineers, technicians, I&C team leaders, sales personnel, and other technical/automation professionals who are responsible for the specification, design, installation and maintenance of instrumentation and control equipment and systems.

    The course will cover: the basics of temperature, pressure, flow, and level measurements; process control loops and tuning, with process control exercises; Programmable Logic Controls (PLC); Distributed Control Systems (DCS); Fieldbus Technology; and final control elements selection and application.

    The instructors are highly qualified automation, instrumentation, and control professionals from the Birmingham area, who are recognized as subject matter experts. 

    Please visit https://www.isa.org/events-and-conferences/fundamentals-of-industrial-automation-instrumentation-and-control/ to register for the class!

    District 4 Leaders Conference

    On 16-17 September 2017, sections of ISA's District 4 met at the District Leaders Conference in Campinas, São Paulo.

    Attending were: section leaders from Bahia (David Rodrigues), Campinas (Marcílio Pongitori, Daniel Ricardo Polacchini, Roberto dos Santos, Marco Coghi, Cristiane R. de Mello, Fabiano Lourenço and João Bassa), Curitiba (Ricardo Alexandre Diogo , Douglas Camargo Hartenthal and Gil Fabio de Souza), Rio de Janeiro (Miguel Borges), São Paulo (Tarciso Martins), Sertãozinho (Ademar Nascimento Jr.); student section UNISAL (Diogo G. Coimbra, Alexandre Tizzei, Reinaldo José Matos); and the District 4 Vice President Paulo Vergara as well as District 4 Vice President-elect Ana Cristina Rodrigues.

    Technical meeting on Pathology of Control Valves

    In early October 2017, ISA Spain Section hosted a technical meeting on Pathology of Control Valves. The meeting was the latest in a series of successful technical meetings featuring Antonio Campo, an experienced automation professional.

    Nov Dec Section District img 1
    Photo taken at technical meeting on Pathology of Control Valves in Huelva, Spain.

    Training course on Expert in Functional Safety

    A training course, followed by a certification exam, was held by ISA Spain during mid-October 2017 in Madrid. The four-day class covered: concepts on life cycle of a SIS, risk analysis techniques, protection layers analysis techniques, reliability concepts related to a SIS, SIS design according to safety requirements, and SIL analysis in SIS.

    Students learn the latest in functional safety at October 2017 training class.

    Dec Sec District img 2

    Curitiba Section attends ISA Fall Leader Meeting

    Eng. Ricardo Alexandre Diogo, President of ISA's Curitiba Section, and Eng. Douglas Camargo von Hartenthal, section President-elect, represented the Curitiba Section at the ISA Fall Leaders Meeting (FLM) this year. The meeting brought Society leaders together to evaluate the current state of the organization. Leaders discussed strategies and actions to improve operational results, suggested training sessions, planned leadership succession, and sought to promote fellowship among members. The section appreciates the participation of leaders Diogo and Hartenthal at the meeting.

    Dec Sec District img 3

    Siemens visit to ISA Sudan Section

    On 1 November 2017, the ISA Sudan Section hosted Lukas Duursema, Siemens CEO of the East Africa Region, and José Barbosa, of Siemens South Africa DF & PD divisions, at the Exemplar Training Center in Khartoum. The visit was part of Siemens' visits campaign to Sudan. The visit was fruitful and promising.  Many issues and challenges were discussed, such as the need for more collaboration among all automation engineers in Sudan. Below are photos taken during the visit.

    Dec Sec District img 4

    Dec Sec District img 5

    Dec Sec District img 6

    Dec Sec District img 7

    IV Symposium of Automation and Control Solutions for the Water and Waste Water Industry

    On 7 November 2017, the ISA São Paulo Section, with the support of Sabesp's Technology, Enterprise and Environment Board of Directors, held the IV Symposium of Automation and Control Solutions for the Water and Waste Water Industry in Sabesp, Ponte Pequena Complex in São Paulo.

    This was a highly successful event as 350 people attended. The meeting brought together professionals from Sabesp and companies related to the sanitation sector, and featured technical presentations from the companies that supported the event, including those by Sabesp and ISA.

    During lunch and coffee breaks served in the exhibition area, the attending public could also check the innovations in products and solutions of the exhibiting companies.

    At the end of the lectures, a panel discussion on Industry 4.0 and IoT in the Sanitation Segment was held by Laisa Costa De Biase, Project Coordinator at LSI-TEC and Researcher at CITI-USP, and Carlos Mandolesi, owner of Sigmma Automation and an entrepreneur at Xompass. The discussion generated great participation among those in the audience.

    At the end of the afternoon, gifts from ISA and from the companies that supported the event were drawn in the main auditorium, shortly after the closing ceremony.

    All event details, including pictures and presentations, can be found at: http://www.isasp.org.br/conteudos-tecnicos/iv-simposio-isa-sao-paulo-de-automacao-em-saneamento.html

    Dec Sec District img 8
    Pictured is the main auditorium during the Symposium of Automation and Control Solutions for the Water and Waste Water Industry.

    Dec Sec District img 9
    The exhibition area during the event showcased the latest solutions and services.

    Industrial IoT - The Automation Perspective

    The ISA Pune Section held a one-day conference on Industrial IoT- The Automation Perspective at The Central Park Hotel in Pune on 11 November 2017. The event was attended by members of the automation community from all over the Pune and Mumbai districts. More than 150 participants benefitted from the information shared by industry leaders, users, solution providers, and product manufacturers. The conference showcased how collaboration between IT, OT and IACS creates significant value for users.

    The event began with the traditional lighting of lamps. Markus Bochynek, VP, Aucotec AG Germany, spoke on the global perspective of Industry 4.0 of which IIoT forms a big part. In the keynote address, Rajeev Jorapur, VP at Bajaj Auto, highlighted the digital transformation in Indian manufacturing. Nikhil Kelkar, VP Siemens Industry Systems, provided a solution providers perspective on this digital transformation. Amol Mate, VP Altizon Systems, provided insights on doing IIoT the right way.

    The panel's discussion, titled The Great Expectations, centered on the great expectations the industry has around IIoT and Industry 4.0 in general. Sessions were also held on case studies by users and solution providers, followed by a session, Smart Sensors and PLC's: Foundations of IIoT, by Virendra Deshpande, BM, Omron Automation.

    Vendors from leading manufacturers and solution providers kept the audience entertained during breaks. Additional presentations included: IIoT Platforms by Somnath Chakraborty, Director at Siemens Industry; and The Systems and Monetizing IIoT by Ajay Bhagwat, MD, Renu Electronics (which concluded the sessions). The audience was interested in the topics as they were very well delivered.

    Ramani Iyer, ISA District 14 Vice President, highlighted that the conference scored high on content and delivery.

    The ISA Pune Section is one of the nine active sections under the District-14 of ISA. The section includes more than 60 active members from various segments of the automation and instrumentation Industry and academia. ISA's Pune Section undertakes several initiatives for the process and the manufacturing industries in order to keep them abreast of latest trends in automation technologies.

    Below are several photographs taken during the section's November 2017 event.

    Dec Sec District img 10

    Dec Sec District img 11

    Dec Sec District img 12

    Dec Sec District img 13

    Dec Sec District img 14

    Dec Sec District img 15

    ISA Sudan Section participates in Engineers Week Event

    ISA's Sudan Section attended a special session at Bahri University on 15 November 2017 after receiving an invitation to join the university's Engineers Week event recognition. The main objective of the session was to inform students about ISA and highlight the Sudan Section's role in developing and deploying automation science in best practice. Students expressed their interests in pursuing a successful career in the field of automation.

    The photos below were taken during the event at Bahri University.

    Dec Sec District img 16

    Dec Sec District img 17

    Technical meeting on Mechatronics

    On 14, 16, and 21 November 2017, in Barcelona, ISA's Spain Section held technical meetings on the value of mechatronics, mechatronics technology, mechatronics companies, and new market trends. Benjamin Horrillo presented on these topics. A group discussion followed the presentation.

    Dec Sec District img 18
    The technical meeting on mechatronics was held in Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

    ISA Campinas Section Annual Dinner

    The ISA Campinas Section's annual dinner was held on Saturday, 25 November 2017. It was a special opportunity for Campinas members, sponsors and contributors as well for UNISAL Student Section members to gather, celebrate 2017 achievements, and enjoy a tropical-themed dinner.

    Dec Sec District img 19
    ISA Campinas Section 2017 annual dinner

    Dec Sec District img 20
    Featured are section directors and UNISAL Student Section members.

    November workshop: Cost Reductions using Assets Management

    The final 2017 ISA Campinas Section workshop took place at Emerson facilities in Sorocaba, SP, Brazil on 28 November, 2017. This was a free, one-day workshop seminar where attendees gained the opportunity to learn and discuss "Cost Reductions using Assets Management."

    Dec Sec District img 21 

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