• Calibrating Switches

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    Hours: 1 hr
    Cost: Free
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    This webinar will examine the purpose of calibrating switches and best methods for calibration. Several different types of switch testing, including example applications where pressure and temperature switches are used will be covered.

    Learn how to adjust a switch, determine if a switch has a repeatable/consistent set and reset point and if those points are within their predefined tolerance, as well as best practices for documenting switch tests for analysis and retrieval in an audit situation. Recommended calibration tolerances and how often to calibrate will be discussed.   See how to connect test equipment to the device and use an automated source, like a pressure controller and temperature dry block with smart documenting calibrator to perform switch calibration.

    Common pitfalls will also be addressed, such as:

    • Properly calibrating switches in their installed orientation
    • Determining switch configuration
    • Introducing too much pressure too fast and blowing past the trip point
    • Venting pressure and going too fast by reset point

    The Presenters

    Mike Cable

    Mike Cable married his high school sweetheart over 30 years ago shortly after going off to the Navy and realizing he couldn’t live without her. He has three daughters who taught him patience. He also has a grand-daughter and it’s even better than everyone says. 

    Cable wakes up every day looking forward to the challenges as a Project Manager, Operations Systems at Argos Therapeutics in Durham. NC.  He previously had the privilege of working as a senior consultant with Pharmaceutical Calibration, Inc. (PCI) in Raleigh, a validation consultant with Performance Solutions (Indianapolis), and as an Electronic Technician/Reactor Operator in US Navy Nuclear Program.

    Relative to the topic at hand, Cable authored the ISA published book Calibration: A Technicians Guide and contributed to the Automation Body of Knowledge, authoring the chapter on Checkout, System Testing, and Startup.  He has completed ISA’s CCST Level 3 certification and helped others achieve their certification.  Throughout his career he has performed calibrations, typically as part of overhaul or new facility startups, managed the calibration department of an operating company, started a calibration services business unit, implemented computerized calibration management systems, and helped several companies get their calibration programs implemented.

    Roy Tomalino
    Beamex Professional Services Specialist

    Roy has been teaching calibration management for 13 years. Roy holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Regis University, Denver, CO; and A.A.S. Electronics Technology from Denver Institute of Technology, Denver, CO.  Roy is also Six Sigma Green Belt certified. Today, Roy conducts educational training sessions and provides technical support to Beamex customers.