• Front-End Loading (FEL) for Control System Migration

    Item Details:

    Hours: 1 hr
    Cost: Free

    Learn why front-end loading (FEL) is critical to migration success! In this free webinar, three of the industry’s top control systems experts will discuss migration challenges and how FEL can help streamline the process. The presentation also includes an extended question-and-answer session so you can get expert advice on the spot.

    Topics include:

    • What is FEL?
    • Common DCS migration mistakes
    • Pitfalls of not implementing FEL for your migration
    • Value of proven FEL practices

    Presenters include:

    Nick Sands
    Manufacturing technology fellow at DuPont, 23 years of control system project experience

    Matt Sigmon
    Director of DCSNext at MAVERICK, 20 years of DCS experience

    Charles Skeen
    Program manager, chemicals at MAVERICK, 23 years of process and automation engineering experience