• ISA12.29, Equipment Protection Levels (EPL) Working Group

    The work of the ISA12 Standards Committee and Subcommittees has been transferred to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) under UL STP 60079. "While ISA Standards has moved into new areas beyond our traditional industrial setting, such as building automation, we recognize the critical role that electrical equipment safety will always play in manufacturing and industrial processing," notes Charley Robinson, Manager of ISA Standards and Technology. "We are very pleased that this vital standards work will continue within the ANSI-accredited, open-consensus environment of UL, one of the world's leading standards developing organizations and one with which ISA has long had a positive collaborative relationship."

    Currently published ISA12 standards remain available from ISA.

    For more information, please contact

    Eliana Brazda
    ISA Standards Administrator
    (919) 990-9228

    For information on the work of ISA12.29 that has been transferred to UL, please contact

    Vickie Hinton
    UL Project Manager, Standards
    (919) 549-1851

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