• ISA5.8, Measurement & Control Terminology Review


    (a) To review terms and definitions to be included in new or revised ISA standards publications and ISA reference publications, and to make suggestions as appropriate to promote consistency and accuracy in the use of terminology.

    (b) To review related terminology publications of the IEC and ISO for possible applicability of terms to ISA standards publications and reference publications, and for possible adoption of such IEC and ISO documents for publication by ISA.

    (c) To review ISA-51.1-1979, Process Instrumentation Terminology, to determine its applicability to current ISA standards development activities.

    (d) To provide recommendations on appropriate terminology, through on-line publication of specific definitions or references to existing definitions, for the measurement and control community and the subcommittee's use.


    To promote consistent and accurate terminology within ISA standards publications and ISA reference publications.

    For information about ISA5.8, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards.

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    Voting Member Chair
    Ganesier Ramachandran

    Voting Member Managing Director
    Ian Verhappen

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    Grover Allen

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    Alvin Iverson

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    Thomas McAvinew

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    Jesse Yoder

    Staff Contact
    Charley Robinson