• ISA5, Documentation of Measurement and Control Instruments and Systems


    The ISA5 main committee oversees the work of subcommittees that produce standards, recommended practices, and technical reports for documenting and illustrating measurement and control instruments and systems suitable for all industries.


    To coordinate the activities of subcommittees created to establish the means for documenting and illustrating the uses and functions of measurement and control instruments and systems. Additionally, ISA5 will ensure liaison between ISA5 subcommittees and other committees working in this area. The committee will also provide liaison and input to international standards writing bodies as applicable.

    For more information, please contact

    Eliana Brazda
    ISA Standards Administrator
    (919) 990-9228

  • Contacts

    Voting Member Chair
    Thomas McAvinew

    Voting Member Managing Director
    Ian Verhappen

    Voting Member
    James Federlein

    Voting Member
    David Hobart

    Voting Member
    Ganesier Ramachandran

    Staff Contact
    Charley Robinson