• ISA90, Instrumentation and Computer Grounding


    Provide guidance to those involved in the manufacture, design installation, and maintenance of instrumentation and process computer systems for the proper grounding of these systems.

    The committee shall consider the total scope of instrument and computer grounding problems from the field transmitter to the process computer and all interconnecting wiring.

    Instrument grounding in classified as well as unclassified locations will be included.

    Protection against noise and other electrical unwanted electrical disturbances will also be a part of this recommended practice, as will analog and digital signal systems.

    Coordination and compatibility with national and international standards and codes will be the committee's responsibility.


    To write standards or recommended practices that will establish criteria for the electrical grounding of instrumentation and process computer systems to meet the following objectives:

    1. Minimize noise and electrical interference resulting from improper grounding practices.
    2. Insure safety of I.S. and other instrument systems in classified locations by proper grounding.
    3. Comply with the grounding requirements of the NEC and Canadian Electrical Code.
    4. Provide grounding recommendations that are compatible with other power grounding criteria.

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