• ISA Honors and Awards

    The ISA honors and awards program is the Society's opportunity to formally showcase and celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of its members, partners, and other automation professionals.

    Annually, the Society conducts an Honors & Awards Gala to acknowledge and applaud those individuals selected for special recognition in Celebrating Excellence and elevation to Fellow. 

    If you missed this year's Honors and Awards Gala, you can check out the pictures here.

    Join us for the 2020 Annual Leadership Conference where we will celebrate our special 75th Anniversary and recognize our members at the Honors & Awards Gala. This is an event you do not want to miss!

    Annual Leadership Conference
    23-26 October
    La Concha Resort & Hotel
    San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA    


    Celebrating Excellence Award Nominations and Fellow Nominations are Open


    Celebrating Excellence Awards     

    The Celebrating Excellence awards salute our members, sections, and divisions for their outstanding technical contributions, volunteer service, and mentorship.

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    This is your opportunity to submit a nomination for our rockstar members, superstar sections, and distinctive divisions. Nominations are accepted through 15 March 2020.             

    Elevate the Extraordinary to Fellow

    ISA elevates to Fellow only a select few members who have made extraordinary contributions in the science or engineering fields of automation. 

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     Submit a nomination to recognize the difference-makers in our profession. Nominations are accepted through 30 April 2020.



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