• ISA Business CardTemplates in Microsoft Word for Society Leaders

    Please read this before downloading your template(s):

    Microsoft Word templates for ISA business cards make it easy for ISA leaders to align themselves with ISA's brand and to project a professional, family look and feel.

    General guidelines:

    The ISA Business card templates in MS Word are designed to work with Avery Business Card Paper # 5881, which can be purchased at most local office supply stores. The ISA business cards are two sided. It is strongly recommended that you print both sides of the card.

    Avoid altering the business card template(s) in any way other than inputing your personal information. Margins and fonts are set up to maintain a consistent look and feel among ISA communications. Please do not change the position or color of the logo or the text, or add additional graphical elements to the cards.

    There are text placeholders for your contact information (name, address, phone number, etc.). Simply highlight the text in the place holder and replace it with your specific information.

    Click on the template you need:

    ISA Business Card front - color

    ISA Business Card back - color

    ISA Business Card front - black and white

    ISA Business Card back - black and white