• I&S Vice President


    Working with ISA staff, the I&S Vice President is responsible for empowering the technical divisions to carry out successful and sustainable programs in line with the Society’s strategic directions and furthering the Society’s mission.

    Department Purpose

    • Provide program and services focused on the specific vertical industry sectors for each division, such as symposia, workshops, webinars, and development of technical content
    • Promote cooperative section and division programs
    • Encourage divisions to act as a repository for technical knowledge among all pertinent sources
    • Monitor technical quality and administrative effectiveness of division activities
    • Promote and participate in mutually beneficial relationships with related technical and scientific organizations
    • Act as a resource for technical information requested by members
    • Recommend new divisions for approval by the Technical Assembly
    • Ensure divisions have a viable volunteer community, giving members an opportunity to grow as leaders
    • Facilitate dissemination of technical knowledge working with the:
      • Professional Development Department to identify and develop formal education activities
      • Publications Department to identify and develop technical publications
      • Standards & Practices Department to identify and/or revise ISA standards 


    • Supervise division plans and programs, monitoring needs and advocating to staff and leadership for support
    • Provide input to the Society budget by compiling plans and budgets for divisions and symposia
    • Develop metrics to evaluate division performance
    • Provide resources and guidance for struggling divisions
    • Submit annual reports to the Executive Board
    • Recommend and review policies related to divisions
    • Actively identify, recruit and mentor potential division leaders
    • Appoint division chairs and elects based on recommendations from division committees
    • Work with division leaders to solicit nominations for society and department awards
    • Organize and facilitate meetings, including scheduling and agenda preparation
    • Submit at least two VP candidates

    Other Society Committees

    • Strategic Planning committee (during elect term)
    • Technical Assembly
    • Conference and Exhibits Committee


    • Any Member, Honorary Member, Fellow, Senior Member, Life Member or Life Fellow

    Preferred Experience

    • Five years in a division leadership role
    • Symposium experience, minimum as a committee member
    • Demonstrated technical record in profession
    • Connections with peer organizations
    • Technical papers published or patents demonstrating technical authority

    Time Requirements

    • Four-year commitment - two years with responsibilities as elect followed by two years as VP
    • Teleconferences and reporting - approximately 1-2 hours per week
    • Face to Face Meetings
      • Annual Leadership Conference - 4 days
      • Strategic Leader Meeting - 3 days

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