• Image and Membership Department Vice President


    Working with ISA staff, the Image and Membership Department Vice President is expected to lead the department in ensuring that all new and existing Society programs offer a consistent and professional presentation of products and services that meet the needs of members and contribute to advancing the automation profession.

    Department Purpose

    • Propose new services to grow membership
    • Review existing membership programs and suggest refinements
    • Work with District Membership Chairs to operate membership campaigns at the district and section level
    • Collect and disseminate best practices for grassroots membership recruitment and retention efforts
    • Monitor membership trends and develop metrics to evaluate performance
    • Review and recommend changes to member dues pricing structure
    • Review and recommend new membership types and qualifications
    • Promote recognition of the Society and the ISA brand
    • Recommend policy and bylaws changes


    • Actively identify, recruit and mentor potential leaders
    • Establish intra-and inter-society channels of communication
    • Write newsletter for distribution to District Membership Chairs
    • Organize and facilitate meetings, including scheduling and agenda preparation
    • Submit at least two VP candidates
    • Appoint chairs of department committees
    • Provide input to the Society budget, including travel expenses for VP and VP-elect
    • Submit annual reports to the Executive Board

    Other Society Committees

    • Operational Assembly
    • Department sub-committees

     Preferred Experience/Knowledge

    • Ability to review and interpret data and market trends in the context of ISA membership priorities
    • Previous year of experience with department, preferably across all sub-committees
    • Previous experience as Section or District leader
    • Background in marketing, communications, and/or business management


    • Any Member, Honorary Member, Fellow, Senior Member, Life Member or Life Fellow


    Time Requirements

    • Four-year commitment - two years with responsibilities as elect followed by two years as VP
    • Teleconferences and reporting - approximately 1-2 hours per week
    • Face to Face Meetings
      • Annual Leadership Conference - 4 days
      • Strategic Leader Meeting - 3 days

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