• Guidelines for an Active Division

    1. Publish at least one newsletter per year. (If the division produces only one newsletter it should be prior to Automation Week). Minimum division director newsletter/web page input shall include the following:
      • Directors message for posting on the division web page summarizing all significant division activity at Automation Week. Include a look forward to future division plans including sessions planned for the next years ISA Annual Events.
      • A significant technical article for posting on the web page.
      • Maintain up to date roster of division officers as required under item 2 below for posting on the division web page.

    2. Maintain a slate of Officers
      • Director
      • Director Elect
      • Newsletter Editor and/or Webmaster
      • Program Coordinator (the Director and Elect can serve in this position if needed)

    3. Program at least one session for the annual Fall Conference and Exhibit.
    4. Officers participate in at least one Leader Meeting per year.
    5. Prepare an annual Business Plan
    6. Produce an Annual Report (this should be submitted prior to the PSM and helps in the consideration for division performance awards)
    7. Produce content for your division webpage including at least 2 Director's messages per year.
    8. Roster of at least 100 dues paying members

    Inactivity Results

    1. After a two-year period of not achieving the above goals, a Division shall be declared inactive.
    2. The Facilitator of an inactive Division shall inform the Division Members of the inactive status and request Volunteers to assume Officer Positions. A generic Newsletter shall be produced requesting Leaders.
    3. At the discretion and assignment of the Department Vice President to which the inactive Division is assigned, the inactive Division shall become a Committee of an existing active Division.
    4. If the Committee continues to be viable, a Division meeting the above criteria could be reformed. After a two-year period as an inactive Committee, the Division of which it is a part may disband the Committee.