• ISA Division Communications Award

    The Division Communications Award may be conferred to a division in both the Automation & Technology and Industries & Sciences Departments of ISA. The award recognizes the efforts of the division that best communicates on a regular basis with its membership.

    Award Presentation

    The Division Communications Award is a plaque that is displayed at the Society's International Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC. Each year, the winning division name is added to the plaque. A certificate will be presented to the Director, Newsletter Editor, and any other members of the division who contributed significantly to the division's communications effort. The Director and the Newsletter Editor of the two runners-up divisions will receive "Honorable Mention" certificates. The presentation will be at the Joint Automation & Technology and Industries & Sciences Departments Awards Luncheon at the Society's annual Fall event


    The Division Communications Award was originated to stimulate the improvement in division communications and to encourage communication of division activities, plans and achievements.

    Administration and Judging

    The award will be administered by the individual department honors and awards review committee. The committee will consist of the Department Vice President, Advisory Board Chairman, and the Department Honors and Awards Chairman. The Department Vice President will select one alternate if two members of the awards committee are members of the same division.

    Judging Criteria

    The following categories will serve as a basis for judging and determining the winner of the Communications Award. Each category contains a series of questions or guidelines. Each category has an assigned value based on its importance.

    • Newsletter publications
    • Other communications


    In order to be eligible for the award, all materials must be received by the respective departmental awards committee prior to or on the established due date identified in the cover letter accompanying the awards criteria. Eligible materials include any form of communications produced and distributed to members since the previous year President's Summer Meeting.

    Definition of Key Term

    Communications - Any activity oral or written that is informative and provides a service to members.

    Guidelines for Quality and Completeness

    1. Newsletters

    1. Did the division have and meet its publication plan?
    2. Was there a Director's Message?
    3. Were there any technical articles included?
    4. What other types of articles were included?
    5. Was the newsletter effective?

    Total Possible Score = 70

    Division Score = ____

    2. Other Communications
    List all methods you used to communicate with your division members. Some examples are:

    • Director's letters
    • Membership Chairman Letters
      1. Welcome to Division
      2. Membership Retention
    • Symposium Information
    • Technical Publications and Materials

    Total Possible Score = 70

    Division Score = ____

    Please provide three copies of all newsletters and other communications paperwork when you submit your communications material.

    Methodology for Determining Winner - Each person on the Review Committee reviews all division material to ensure that subjective views are applied to all divisions.