• ISA Senior Member Grade Application

    For use by current ISA dues paying members only! Those who are newly joining ISA must first complete the Join ISA form and then apply for Senior Member Grade.

    The Senior Member Grade is ISA's way of recognizing your advanced educational preparation and professional work experience. It is the prerequisite member grade for candidacy for "ISA Fellow," one of ISA's highest honors, and for holding elective office at the Society level.

    Applicants for Senior Member Grade must meet specific requirements and must document their qualifications (see 1 and 2 below). An ISA Member may apply for Senior membership at any time. Application for Senior Member Grade requires Admissions Committee review. If you think you are eligible for consideration and want to apply for Senior membership, complete 1 through 3 below and attach a resume.

    If you have further questions please contact Customer Service at 1+ 919-549-8411 or info@isa.org.

    1. Qualifications:

    You have one of the following (check one):


    *Responsible charge includes directing others in instrumentation, systems, and automation work, and/or individual responsibility for instrumentation, systems, and automation development, application or operation at a professional level, and/or teaching instrumentation, systems, and automation or associated engineering and sciences at professional level.

    2. Qualification Details:

    Name: Street Address:
    City: Postal Code:
    State/Province: Phone: (please include country code)
    Member Number:  


    Please cut and paste in the space provided below an ASCII (plain text) version of your resume or other supplementary information that includes the following:

    • Your educational history, including the names(s) of the institution(s) you attended, number of years attended, date of graduation, degree attained and your major field of study.
    • Your professional record, including the dates of each position held (beginning with most recent position), name, address and telephone numbers of employer, your position title, and the specific duties you performed--especially the extent of responsible charge as defined above.


    3. References:

    List your professional references: two people who are familiar with your professional activities, preferably ISA members.

    Reference 1
    Name: Title:
    Company: Street Address:
    City, State: Postal Code, Country:
    Phone: ISA Member?

    Reference 2
    Name: Title:
    Company: Street Address:
    City, State: Postal Code, Country:
    Phone: ISA Member?