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    January 2013

    2013 ISA President Terrence G. Ives draws inspiration from high school students’ excitement about the FIRST®Robotics Competition

    Terrence G. Ives, 2013 ISA President, attended the 5 January 2013 kick-off of this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition, an annual competition that helps high school students across the world discover the excitement and real-world application of science, technology, engineering, and math.

    In his first ISA Insights column as Society president, Ives emphasizes how impressed he was to witness students’ fervor and eagerness about participating in the competition. He encourages ISA members to get involved in FIRST programs and activities, and reconnect with their own youthful enthusiasm and inventiveness.

    ISA conducts 2012 Automation Conference in Doha, Qatar, the first ever ISA conference held in the Middle East
    More than 300 corporate and government officials, manufacturing representatives, and consultants across the world attended ISA’s 2012 Automation Conference in Doha, Qatar, the first ever ISA conference held in the Middle East. The conference, which sold all available registrations, featured presentations on functional safety and cyber security in industrial control systems, enterprise and control systems integration, and advanced process technologies.

    ISA leader, Donald Dunn, explains the value and significance of ISA standards in article published by Electrical Source magazine
    The 2012 November/December edition of Electrical Source magazine featured an article that highlighted how ISA standards support proper design and implementation of automation and control systems, and promote ongoing plant reliability, safety, and security.

    The article was written by Donald Dunn, who leads a consulting engineering group at Aramco Services Company, has co-chaired ISA18 since 2003, and served as vice president of the ISA Standards & Practices Department in 2011-2012.

    Don’t Delay! Nominations for ISA officer positions must be submitted by 31 January 2013
    As you know, ISA is on the hunt for qualified candidates for leadership positions, including ISA President-elect Secretary and Department Vice President-elects for Image & Membership, Industries & Sciences, Professional Development, and Strategic Planning. Please submit nominations no later than 31 January 2013. All candidates must be current members in good standing with a membership grade of Senior or higher. Obtain position requirements, nomination details, and forms online.

    Nominations for ISA’s 2013 Celebrating Excellence honors and awards program are being accepted now through 31 March 2013
    ISA’s annual honors and awards program, Celebrating Excellence, is the opportunity for the Society to showcase the remarkable accomplishments and service of individuals and companies in the automation industry.

    ISA encourages you to begin considering the peer, colleague, and/or company that you believe deserves a salute. Nominations for the 2013 program will be accepted starting in January 2013 and are due by 31 March 2013. Please take a few minutes now to review the descriptions of the award categories and be on the lookout for updates in upcoming issues of ISA Insights.

    Participants sought to serve on ISA 75.27 Control Valve Seat Leakage Test Standard Subcommittee
    The newly-formed ISA 75.27 Cryogenic Control Valve Seat Leakage Test Standard Subcommittee is seeking additional members. Subcommittee Chair, Lisa Miller, invites all interested ISA members to participate.

    This subcommittee is responsible for developing a standard to describe various seat leakage specifications for cryogenic control valves. This standard will establish optional cryogenic seat leakage classes and test procedures for adoption by the process control industry.

    AF representatives confer with White House officials on growing cyber security and economic threats facing the US
    Representatives of the Automation Federation (AF) recently met with President Barack Obama’s staff to help confront two serious threats to US national security and economic growth: cyberattack and the lack of advanced manufacturing skills among American workers.

    These prominent meetings are the latest example of an ongoing collaboration between AF and the US federal government to formulate and support the passage of cybersecurity legislation through Congress, and to build the next generation of automation professionals that is critical for the future of advanced manufacturing.

    ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute showcases wireless technology benefits at events in Japan, Thailand, and Korea
    The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI) conducted another successful season of Asia Pacific ISA100 Wireless technology seminars in Kyoto, Japan, with supplier and end-user seminars in Korea and Thailand. In addition, WCI recently demonstrated at the JEMIMA Measurement and Control Show in Osaka, Japan.

    The need for enterprise control
    Peter Martin explains some of the factors driving real-time enterprise control.


    Things to Come: Predictions for Automation, Manufacturing, & the Economy
    In recent weeks, media have offered predictions and projections for the economy and industry for 2013. While most authors maintain a cautious tone, there is enough positive data to suggest 2013 is poised for continued growth and expansion. Following is a survey of articles.


    Brush up on industrial control
    Fundamentals of Industrial Control, Second Edition covers every major control system element, from sensors to final control elements, in the context of overall control strategies and system design. Contributing experts give time-tested, practical advice on the application of each system element.


    Automate 2013
    21–24 January 2013
    Chicago, IL, USA

    16th Arctic ISA Exhibit & Symposium
    27–28 March 2013
    Anchorage, AK, USA

    58th ISA Analysis Division Symposium
    14–18 April 2013
    Galveston, TX, USA


    MAVERICK Webinar:
    Straight Talk on DCS Migration
    29 January 2013

    ISA TechTour
    Stop 3
    February 25 –
    March 1 2013
    Baton Rouge, LA, USA

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