ISA Media Practices

    About ISA Media Relations and Press Releases

    ISA regularly distributes press releases to trade and national media regarding new and newsworthy events and activities within the organization. All press releases from ISA are issued by ISA staff and are processed through ISA Media Relations to be written, edited, and distributed. The involved individuals have an opportunity to comment and review releases before they're distributed by ISA.  If you think that your product, service area, committee, or working group has news to share, or if you'd like to be added to ISA's press list, please contact Jennifer Infantino, ISA Marketing, Communications, and Corporate Partnerships Manager, at +1 (919) 990-9287. If your group would like to learn more about sharing news via ISA's social media channels, please contact ISA Community Manager Joel Don at jdon@commstrategies.com.

    Releases from Other Companies/Organizations Regarding ISA Committees, Products, and Activities

    It is ISA's policy not to become involved in the review or approval of any other organization or company's media communications.

    ISA staff will deal directly with any company misrepresenting themselves as ISA staff or as an official ISA spokesperson. ISA will not interfere in the media relations efforts of any other organization or company.

    A Note on Compliance Claims

    Until a Standard is issued, organizations and companies should refrain from using any compliance language. Committee chairs can inquire with companies directly about compliance claims, but ISA is not involved in monitoring or judging compliance of any kind.

    Publicizing Company Involvement in ISA Activities

    When less than four (4) companies are involved in an ISA activity, all companies will be mentioned in news releases. If more than four companies are involved, a relevant web site will list all involved companies and a link will be provided in the release. ISA reserves the right to identify selected companies in this circumstance based on their relevance and level of involvement in the story.

    Marketing and Media Relations Review Cycle

    ISA creates and owns all the content in marketing and public relations materials, and we value input from key stakeholders. We will utilize a single review cycle to solicit this input from all relevant stakeholders.