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Press Release                                                       22 September, 2014

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Beamex launches Mike’s Calibration Corner

Beamex, one of the world’s leading providers of calibration solutions, presents the best practices for advanced process instrument calibration through a new series of videos in which a Beamex Calibration Consultant, Michael Frackowiak, shows the calibration process in a hands on manner.

Michael Frackowiak is a calibration expert with years of experience with Beamex products, initially as a hands-on calibration technician, and most recently as a Calibration Consultant at Beamex UK.  Today Mike is involved in Beamex’s newest venture, Mike6’s Calibration Corner, a trio series with three videos in each. During the first series, Mike shows (1) how to automatically calibrate a multichannel FOUNDATION Fieldbus temperature transmitter with a Beamex MC6 and Beamex FB temperature block, (2) how to calibrate a pressure measurement loop containing a pressure transmitter and control room display with a Beamex MC6 calibrator and Beamex PGM pressure pump, and (3) how to automatically calibrate a WirelessHART temperature transmitter using a Beamex MC6.

In the future Mike’s Calibration Corner will be updated with more best practices and advanced process’s for instrument calibrations.

The microsite presents Mike’s Calibration Corner and contains links to the first series of videos.

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The microsite explores the challenges related to the work of a field calibration technician and how the right gear and equipment make the work much easier and also more efficient.