ISA and MAVERICK Technologies to Co-host DCS Migration Webinar

COLUMBIA, Ill. (Jan. 8, 2013) - MAVERICK Technologies, the largest independent systems integrator in North America, will join the International Society of Automation (ISA) in co-hosting a free webinar on DCS migration. The 90-minute webinar, "Straight Talk on DCS Migration," to be held January 29 at 12 p.m. EST, will feature a panel of experts discussing the trends and challenges of DCS migration.

Discussion will focus on real results observed in the field. Specific topics include the principles of DCS migration, five pitfalls to avoid and industry trends. Additionally, the panel will present a case study on a recent legacy platform migration and will open the floor for questions about specific migration issues.

"Every day we talk to manufacturers who want to know more about DCS migration - including the risks involved, making the business case and how to get started," said Paul J. Galeski, CEO and founder of MAVERICK. "So we partnered with the ISA to address those concerns in this webinar. We have no hidden sales agenda. We just want manufacturers to avoid the migration mistakes we've seen others make."

The webinar panel comprises four engineers with 87 years of combined experience. John Boyd serves as MAVERICK's technology leader for Rockwell Automation, leading the technical direction of the Rockwell platform. Chad Harper, MAVERICK's director of technology, directs subject matter experts in providing content for training programs, reusing strategies and ensuring project quality. Nick Sands works as a process control engineer at DuPont and was lead editor of the new ANSI/ISA alarm management standard for the process industries. Matt Sigmon works as director of DCSNext®, MAVERICK's solution for DCS migration.

Interested parties can register for "Straight Talk on DCS Migration" at ISA's website and follow @mavtechglobal on Twitter for updates.

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