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ISA introduces ISA Cybersecurity Tech Pack, a downloadable collection of its latest technical papers, publications and presentations on cybersecurity

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA(31 July 2013) -To help manufacturers and plant and facility operators improve their cybersecurity defenses and better confront the growing dangers of cyberwarfare, the International Society of Automation (ISA) today announces the availability of the ISA Cybersecurity Tech Pack.

"The ISA  Cybersecurity Tech Pack is an assembly of the latest technical papers, PowerPoint presentations, technical books and InTech articles developed by some of the world's leading experts in cybersecurity and industrial automation and control systems security," says Susan Colwell, manager of publications development at ISA. "These materials-which can be downloaded from the ISA website-include the latest cybersecurity strategies, recommendations and tools that can immediately be applied to protect your industrial control systems and process control networks."

As a widely recognized, world leader in cybersecurity standards development, training and educational resources, ISA provides the proven technical expertise and know-how to help safeguard industrial automation and control systems.

For instance, the ANSI/ISA99 (IEC 62433), Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security standards-developed by a cross-section of international cybersecurity subject-matter experts from industry, government and academia-represent a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity in all industry sectors. ISA and its sister organization, the Automation Federation, is currently assisting the Obama administration and US federal agency officials develop the initial version of a national cybersecurity framework-as called for by President Obama in February of this year.

The ISA Cybersecurity Tech Pack also includes two cybersecurity-focused ISA books: the popular Industrial Network Security by David J. Teumim; and the recently introduced Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Principles by Ronald L. Krutz, Ph.D. As an added bonus, the compilation includes many highly relevant and informative cybersecurity articles published in InTech magazine, ISA's bi-monthly magazine for automation and control professionals.

Below is a complete list of what is included in the ISA Cybersecurity Tech Pack.

Technical papers

  • Cyber Security Implications of SIS Integration with Control Networks
  • Practical Nuclear Cyber Security
  • Establishing an Effective Plant Cybersecurity Program
  • LOGIIC Benchmarking Process Control Security Standards
  • Stronger than Firewalls: Strong Cyber-Security Protects the Safety of Industrial Sites
  • Integrated Perimeter and Critical Infrastructure Protection with Persistent Awareness
  • Applying ISA/IEC 62443 to Control Systems
  • Establishing an Effective Plant Cybersecurity Program
  • Getting Data from a Control System to the Masses While MaintainingCybersecurity-The Case for "Data Diodes"
  • Reconciling Compliance and Operation with Real Cyber Security in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Wastewater Plant Process Protection-Process Hazard Analysis
  • Water/Wastewater Plant Process Protection: A different approach to SCADA cyber security
  • Using Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) for a Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Improving Water and Wastewater SCADA Cyber Security
  • An Overview of ISA-99 & Cyber Security for the Water or Wastewater Specialist

Technical books

  • Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Principles by Ronald L. Krutz
  • Industrial Network Security, Second Edition by David J. Teumim

InTechmagazine articles

  • "ISA Fully Engaged in Cybersecurity"
  • "Leveraging DoD wireless security standards for automation and control"
  • "13 ways through a firewall: What you don't know can hurt you"
  • "Defense in Depth"
  • "Executive Corner: What's on YOUR mind?"
  • "The Final Say: Securing industrial control systems"
  • "Uninterruptible power supplies and cybersecurity"
  • "Physical Security 101: Evolving 'defense in depth'"
  • "Web Exclusive: Control network secure connectivity simplified"
  • "The Final Say: Network security in the Automation world"
  • "Executive Corner: Defense in depth: It's more than just the technology"
  • "Web Exclusive: Stuxnet: Cybersecurity Trojan horse"

To learn more about or purchase the Cybersecurity Tech Pack, visit or contact ISA at +1 919-859-8411.

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