On Sunday June 16, whilst most of us are busying ourselves with friends, family or domestic chores, delegates of the Honeywell Users Group Americas symposium will be checking into their hotels in Phoenix in eager anticipation of this year's event.

This annual user conference unites Honeywell automation users with Honeywell Process Solutions experts and executives under one roof to share knowledge, experiences, new technology releases and discuss industry issues, with a focus on improving safety, reliability and efficiency of user's plants.

In what is shaping up to be the largest Honeywell Users Group event yet, the 2013 event marks the 38th annual gathering of Honeywell automation users in the Americas. Similar events are also held in Europe and Australia each year, but it is the Americas event, being the first and largest in the series, which tends to grab the media spotlight.

Over its 6 day duration, around 1,000 attendees are expected through the doors of the JW Marriott Desert Ridge resort to experience this automation expo.

Commonly and affectionately known as HUG, these user-developed events explore a common and annual theme. This year the primary theme will be an expansive and detailed look at the future of manufacturing, in terms of technology and the state of the workforce.

In recent years, the conference has helped introduce attendees to such advancements as control system virtualization, universal input/output (I/O) technology, and smart instrumentation that have transformed the design and operations of today's industrial processing facilities.

If you use Honeywell automation technology and are based in the Americas, then make sure you visit to find out more about this unique and not-to-be missed event. After all knowledge and understanding make it happen and June 16-21 will see the largest concentration of users and experts of Honeywell automation technology together in one place.

If you can't attend in person you can get updates from Honeywell Process Solutions on Twitter and LinkedIn