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    To IIOT or not?  That is the Question.

    New IIOT Sub-Committee Formed

    There has been much debate and discussion surrounding IIOT and the technologies used to enhance manufacturing and industrial automation processes, in capturing and communicating real-time data.

    Over the past year, there has also been much discussion at various ISA leadership meetings questioning whether or not there should be an ISA Division specific to this important topic.  In 2018, a brief market survey was conducted to both ISA members and customers to gather data surrounding this topic and its importance to industry, individual job responsibilities, and questioning whether or not ISA should put specific focus on this area moving forward. 

    With almost 1000 responses, it was determined that there indeed is an interest and need of industry/members and customers for ISA to focus activities and/or discussions surrounding this important topic.  So, it was determined that a committee be formed under the Communications Division to address this concern.  According to the ISA MOP (Manual of Operating Procedures), before a formal ISA Division can be formed, it must show an active group of 100 individuals with a common interest and proven activities.  So, here we begin …

    2019 Committee Focus:

    • Virtual Peer Discussions
    • Webinar Presentations
    • Development of IIOT Newsletter Updates
    • Participation in IIOT Technical Conference Programming
    • And, More !

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