• Applications and Benefits of Advanced Process Control in M&M

    Fall 2017 Newsletter Technical Article by Robert Zwick

    A technology has no value unless it can drive profits for the Mining and Metals operation. Process control can play a dominant role in driving the company bottom line. Every time an operator makes a set point change, it can affect the plant profitability.

    Today, determining whether the Operator decisions are good or bad has become increasingly complex due to many conflicting factors involved. Not only must traditional Operator objectives be met such as maximizing production and/or product quality, but now new factors have been introduced to the modern-day Operator. For instance, decisions around control set point changes now take into consideration minimizing energy consumption, minimizing water consumption, minimizing environmental impact and others. And all the while, attempting to maximize the plant profitability.

    One solution is to use advanced process control (APC). Modern-day APC solutions no longer makes this an insurmountable task for Mining and Metals operations to use.

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    mining brochureThe Mining & Metals Industries Division (MMID) is one of ISA Technical Divisions. Its goal is to support and advance its members who are working and/or interested in the mining and metal industries. MMID focuses on leveraging automation functionality and technology solution to enhance mining processes and metal production.

    Who is best served by this division? Professionals concerned with economically and environmentally sound practices as related to the extraction of metal ores, coal, cement, sand, gravel, and other minerals-and the handling, separation, processing, fabrication, related processes, and research and development for the production of finished mineral or metal products. It also covers the Iron and Steel Making industry, Aluminum Processing and other light metals and the production and manufacturing of metals products.



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