• Finding an ISA Mentor

    ISA is pleased to provide an online Mentor Program. Online mentoring has the advantage of putting you in touch with knowledgeable people worldwide to help you get a job or start on your career path.

    Having someone to guide your professional development could give you a competitive edge. Such guidance could enable you to absorb critical business experience you don't have yet, and help you develop a big-picture perspective.

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    The ISA Mentoring Program is a service provided without compensation to the volunteer Mentors. ISA does not monitor or supervise the information or advice given by Mentors under this program and ISA is not responsible for its content. ISA Mentors should not be asked to solve particular instrumentation, systems, or automation problems, whether academic, real, or hypothetical. 

    Please contact Customer Service to search for a mentor.
    Call + 1 919 549-8411 or email info@isa.org.

  • Becoming an ISA Mentor

    If you are interested in helping others in the automation profession, ISA's Mentor Program is the place for you! Sharing your expertise and wisdom in this online advisory role is a great way to make a difference in another person's life and in your profession. Mentoring is one of the valuable ISA benefits made possible by the volunteer efforts of Members like you and gives you another great opportunity to say, “I'm proud to be an ISA Member.”

    To become a part of ISA's online Mentor Program, please complete the Mentor Registration Form. Your name and information will then be available for young professionals and students worldwide who sign up for the program. When a protégé has selected you as a mentor, he or she will contact you via e-mail. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.