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    Calibration Handbook of Measuring Instruments

    By Alessandro Brunelli

    This book is written mainly for operators who verify and calibrate measuring instruments used in Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, Environment Applications ISO 14001, Automotive Industry ISO 16949, and Aviation Industry EN 9100. It is a handy reference and consultation handbook that covers useful topics on assuring and managing industrial process measurement, such as:

    • The general concepts for managing measurement equipment according to ISO 10012, concerning the management system of instruments and measurements
      • An instrument’s suitability to perform accurate measurements and control the drift to maintain the quality of the measurement process
      • The criteria and procedures for accepting, managing, and verifying the calibration of the main industrial measuring instruments
      • The provisions of law and regulations for production, European marking CE of metrological instruments used in commercial transaction and for their periodic verification

      Report templates that are useful for recording both the recorded instrument data and the experimental calibration data, used to evaluate the conformity of the instrument, are on a CD included with the book. The CD also contains various Excel Reports Calibration spreadsheets that automatically calculate errors and the relative measurement uncertainty for determining a calibrated instrument’s compliance.

      Q&A with ISA author Alessandro Brunelli

      Alessandro Brunelli
      Alessandro Brunelli

      ISA recently published the first English edition of Calibration Handbook of Measuring Instruments by Alessandro Brunelli. In this Q&A feature, Brunelli highlights the focus, importance, and differentiating qualities of the book. Read the full article.

      ISA Press Release

      The International Society of Automation (ISA) announces it has published a new book designed for operators involved in verifying and calibrating measuring instruments used in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management Systems, and AS/EN 9100 Aviation Series Quality Management Systems. Read the full article.

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    Item Details:

    Copyright: 2017
    Length: 250 Pages
    ISBN: 978-1-945541-57-5
    Available Format: Paperback
    Publisher: International Society of Automation

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