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    Industrial Flow Measurement, Third Edition

    By David W Spitzer

    Designed to help practicing engineers avoid costs associated with misapplication of flowmeters, this third edition reviews the important concepts of flow measurement and provides explanations, practical considerations, illustrations, and examples of current flowmeter technology. Modern flowmeters handle many more applications than could have been imagined centuries ago. Today’s flow

    measurements encompass operating conditions that range from capillary blood flow, flows over spillways, flow of gases, plasmas, pseudo-plastics, solids, and corrosives, to name but a few. Finally, the book presents a rational procedure for flowmeter selection that is based on factual information. Effective flowmeter selection requires a thorough understanding of flowmeter technology in addition to a practical knowledge of the process and the fluid. This book will help experienced engineers, technicians and others evaluate the appropriate criteria rationally to arrive at the proper flowmeter selection.

    About ISA Author David W Spitzer

    David W Spitzer
    David W Spitzer

    David W. Spitzer is an ISA Life Fellow and a principal at Spitzer and Boyes, LLC, which provides engineering, seminars, expert witness services, strategic marketing, product development, and distribution consulting services for manufacturing and automation companies. Spitzer consults in instrumentation and process control, with specialties in and related to flow measurement, level measurement and variable speed drives. He previously worked for US Steel and Mobay Chemical (Bayer), and he was the manager of Utility and Instrumentation Engineering at Nepera Chemical where he

    was responsible for technical support and direction in the electrical, instrumentation, and utility areas on a plant-wide basis. Spitzer has more than 40 years of experience and has written more than 10 books and 400 technical articles about flow measurement, instrumentation, and process control. Spitzer serves on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Committee on Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits (ASME MFC) and is/was a member of the editorial advisory boards of InTech, InTech Brasil, and Flow Control magazines. He is a long-time instructor at the ISA Training Center, and he presents seminars throughout North America and internationally in English and Portuguese. Spitzer is the author of a number of popular ISA books, such as Industrial Flow Measurement; Variable Speed Drives: Principles and Applications for Energy Cost Savings, Regulatory and Advanced Regulatory Control: Application Techniques; and Flow Measurement, of which he is also the editor. Spitzer also wrote seven practical consumer guide books about flowmeters and level gauges.

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      Item Details:

      Copyright: 2005
      ISBN: 978-1-55617-871-9
      Length: 443 Pages
      Selected Format: Hardback
      Publisher: International Society of Automation

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