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    The Tao of Measurement: A Philosophical View of Flow and Sensors

    By Jesse Yoder and Dick Morley

    This book addresses the fundamentals of fluid control by exploring the past, present, and future of flow, sensors, and measurement. It explains the engineering and physics of flow and sensors, how our units of measurement were derived, present day measurement practices, and how today’s scientific tools can improve our units of measurement. It’s a must-read for anyone involved in instrumentation or process control.

    The book’s opening chapters explore the technologies of temperature, pressure, and flow measurement. The authors reveal the history of units of measurement and describe how they came to be used today. The book then presents a thorough discussion of the various types of temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, and flowmeters. It contains an explanation of applications, and then comments on trends in sensors and measurement. Each chapter includes a handy glossary of units of measurement.

    The authors then turn their attention to three very familiar but vital subjects: time, length and area. They trace the origins of today’s units of measurement for these variables, then follow their development to today’s atomic clocks and the standard meter, now defined in terms of wavelengths of light.

    This book describes how modern technology can be used to improve units of measurement. It describes the technologies that are available to effectively configure a cost-effective system, and then shows how to integrate this system with the most powerful sensors and tools of flow measurement. Systems and instrumentation, the yin and yang of the automation world, are finally united in a synthesis that comes from seeing both from a single perspective.

    Each section of the book can be used as a standalone handbook or as a readable engineering manual. Questions? Comments? Contact Dr. Jesse Yoder at Jesse@flowresearch.com.

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      Copyright: 2015
      ISBN: 978-0-876640-91-3
      Length: 250 Pages
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      Publisher: International Society of Automation

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