• ISA Member logo artwork

    ISA Membership designation logos are available for you to place on your personal business card to signify that you are an ISA Member.

    Choices: ISA Member, ISA Senior Member, ISA Life MemberISA Fellow, or ISA Life Fellow. Choose the one that is appropriate for your level of ISA Membership.

    Size: The ISA logo symbol should never appear smaller than 1/4-inch. Please do not reduce the size of the artwork, or alter or distort the artwork in any other way. If this artwork is too big to fit onto your business card, you may typeset the words in the font Arial, instead of using the logo artwork.

    Color: The ISA Membership designation logos always print in 100% black ink only.

    Web: The GIF links below are meant for use on a Web site. 

    ISA Member logo
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    ISA Senior Member logo
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    ISA Life Member
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    ISA Fellow logo
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     ISA Life Fellow Member logo png
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