• Nomination and Election Process

    The positions open for election in 2020 are as follows. The slate of candidates are set and the election will open 2 June. Position descriptions, desired experience and knowledge, and time commitments for each role are provided below.

    • President-elect Secretary (2022 President)
      • Mark Arkell
      • James Haw
      • Carlos Mandolesi

    • Treasurer
      • Scott Reynolds

    • Executive Board
      • Geographic Experience (2 seats)
        • Greg Lehmann
        • Rajesh Rathi
        • Ashley Weckwerth

      • Operational Experience (1 seat)
        • Jim Garrison

      • Technical Experience (1 seat)
        • Ken Belteau
        • Prabhu Soundarrajan

    • Automation & Technology Vice President
      • Edward Naranjo

    • Image & Membership Vice President-elect
      • Jon DiPietro

    • Standards & Practices Vice President-elect
      • David Lee

    Nominations for the 2021 election will be sought in early 2021.

    • All nominations other than District Vice President are reviewed by the Nominating Committee
    • Any ISA member may submit a nomination
    • All eligible nominees are asked to submit a candidate packet
    • The Nominating Committee reviews and evaluates candidate packets and may conduct interviews
    • Nominations are also accepted by petition in accordance with ISA Bylaws
    • The election is open in June to eligible voters
    • District Vice Presidents nominations and elections are coordinated by the District Nominating Committee
    • Any member of the District may recommend a candidate for District Vice President


    The responsibilities of each group are outlined in the Society's Manual of Organization and Procedures. Below is a list of attributes desired in all elected leaders. Also included are detailed descriptions of the responsibilities of each role. Before applying for a leadership role, please review the obligations and ensure that you are willing to and have the support from your employer and family to meet these commitments. 

    ISA Leadership Attributes

    • A contagious passion for promoting the ISA brand and the automation profession
    • Strong knowledge of ISA’s core competencies, products and services
    • An interest in visioning the role ISA plays in the future of the automation community
    • The desire to understand the diversity of ISA’s constituencies and a commitment to act in the overall interests of the Society
    • An understanding of basic financial principles with the ability to exercise sound business judgments
    • An innovative mindset and ability to engage and empower members in driving change to meet strategic objectives
    • Effective verbal and written communication skills
    • The ability to develop and lead teams with a willingness to hold volunteers accountable 

    Position Descriptions