• ISA96.02, Electric Actuators


    The subcommittee activites may include:

    1. Developing a specification form, which is accepted as a common United States and international standard.

    2. Definining terms, guidelines, recommendations, and methods for manufacturing, process control, device protection, reliability, and test procedures, to ensure the validity of material and data representation.

    3. Determining how outline drawings, common mounting footprint configurations, and typical block and wiring diagrams are to be represented.

    4. Developing equations which represent force output and proper sizing of electric actuators.

    5. Other requirements or conditions of use, different from those indicated in this standard, shall be communicated by the purchaser to the manufacturer, prior to order.


    This subcommittee has been formed to develop a standard for electric actuators. Recommended practices, technical reports, guidelines, terminology, and definitions will be established for the greater benefit of end users in the industrial market using electric actuators for on/off and/or modulating duties. It does not apply to electric actuators that are integral parts of control valves.

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