• ISA Student Section Formation

    Any faculty member, student of a college or technical institution, or ISA section, may establish a Student Section.

    To establish a Student Section:

    • Identify potential leadership - This includes a faculty advisor, interested students, and when possible representatives from a local section.
    • Determine interest in forming a student section - Meet with the potential leaders to determine level of interest and to get a commitment from a faculty member to serve as advisor.
    • Confirm intent - Contact the district vice president and ISA staff of the intent to form a student section

    Section Charter

    Requirements for chartering:

    The Petition for Charter, Student Section Leader Form, and the Student Section Operating Bylaws are to be completed and sent to the district vice president and ISA staff. A copy is required for filing at ISA Headquarters. The district vice president's signature and endorsement is necessary for the Geographic Assembly to consider the petition.

    The petition will be presented at the next Geographic Assembly meeting following receipt of all the required items. The Geographic Assembly meets monthly. Upon approval of the petition, a printed charter certificate is sent to the faculty advisor.

    Contact the ISA staff for more information.