• Implementing Business to MES Integration Using the ANSI/ISA95 Standard (IC55E)


    Length: 7 weeks
    CEU Credits: 1.4
    Course Hours: Online Course - Refer to Syllabus
    Certification of Completion: A Certificate of Completion indicating the total number of CEUs earned will be provided upon successful completion of the course.


    This course introduces the fundamental concepts of the ANSI/ISA95 standards so that students can apply them to implementing an integration between plant manufacturing systems and business systems.

    By understanding the object models and information flows defined in the ANSI/ISA95 standards, you will have the tools you need to specify, design, and execute a successful business to manufacturing integration project.

    This course is ideal for Integration Project Managers; Manufacturing Information Systems Analysts; Information Design Engineers and IT Professionals.

    You will be able to:

    • Specify the requirements for an enterprise/control integration solution
    • Identify the issues involved in the integration of logistics to manufacturing control
    • Identify the business processes that need information from manufacturing systems
    • Identify the manufacturing control processes that need information from business systems
    • Explain the business drivers involved in integration
    • Identify the detailed information associated with enterprise/control integration
    • Discuss the roles of UML, XML, and B2MML in vertical integration
    • Apply the ISA95 object models 

    You will cover:

    • Standards and Models: ANSI/ISA95 Standards | MESA International Model | WBF B2MML XML Schemas
    • Business Processes: Procurement | Product Cost Accounting | Product Inventory Control | Maintenance | Production Planning and Scheduling
    • Production Processes: Detailed Production Scheduling | Production Tracking | Production Resource Management | Product Defination Management
    • Information Model: Production Resources | Process Segments | Product Definition and Capability | Production Schedules | Production Performance

    Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

    • Identify key business drivers for integration
    • Identify key business processes and objects
    • Identify process segment definitions
    • Develop shared product definition information

    Course Schedule/Outline:


    Students are asked to take the pre-exam, which includes questions related to the subject matter areas.  Answers will be provided for students to assess their knowledge, prior to beginning the course material.

    WEEK 1 -

    • Module 1: Overview and Introduction

    WEEK 2 -

    • Module 2: Domain Model
    • Module 3: Functions, Activities and Data Flow

    WEEK 3 -

    • Module 4: Major Object Definitions
    • Module 5: Operations Definitions Model

    WEEK 4 -

    • Module 6: Overview and Review
    • Module 7: UML and XML

    WEEK 5 -

    • Module 8: Modeling the Objects

    WEEK 6 -

    • Module 9: Models of Exchanged Information
    • Module 10: Implementing ISA95

    WEEK 7 -

    • Final Examination

    Course Materials:

    Course noteset with slides from course modules and course syllabus

    Includes ISA Standards:

    • ANSI/ISA95.00.01-2010
    • ANSI/ISA95.00.02-2010
    • ANSI/ISA95.00.03-2013
    • ANSI/ISA95.00.04-2012
    • ANSI/ISA95.00.05-2013
    • ANSI/ISA95.00.06-2014

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