• Tuning of Advanced Controllers (TC05C2)


    Length: 1 day
    CEU Credits: 0.7
    Course Hours: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
    Certification of Completion: A Certificate of Completion indicating the total number of CEUs earned will be provided upon successful completion of the course.


    This seminar explains the operation and application of advanced regulatory control methods: ratio, cascade, adaptive feedforward, override, and deadtime control. Strategies are covered along with means to study process dynamics needed for implementation. You will learn how to tune advanced control systems to improve control of various types of processes. This will lead to more efficient process operation.

    You will be able to:

    • Recognize when advanced controls are beneficial
    • Explain feedforward control and list the benefits
    • Run plant tests to determine feedforward relationships
    • Calculate the feedforward constants
    • Explain what adaptive or scheduled gain is and its benefits
    • Calculate adaptive gains for non-linear processes
    • Explain the function and operation of dead time compensators
    • Tune dead time compensators
    • Identify different methods to improve control of processes with dead time
    • Identify when process changes may be needed for improved control

    You will cover:

    • Review of Feedback Tuning
    • Relationship of Controller and Process: Various Parts of Processes | Interaction of these Parts
    • Description and Benefits of Feedforward Controllers: Tests Required to Obtain Feedforward Constants | Calculation of the Feedforward Constants
    • Description and Benefits of Adaptive or Scheduled Gain: Methods to Tune Controllers with Adaptive Gain | Use of Adaptive Gain to Provide Control of Non-linear Processes | Using Adaptive Gain to Provide Special Effects | Limits, Step Changes, Transmitter Failure Protection, Surge Control, etc.
    • Analysis of Processes with Excessive Dead Time: Dead Time Compensators | Tuning Dead Time Processes with PID only | Small Changes to a Process to Provide Improved Control
    • Application of Error Squared Controllers for Level Control
    • Understanding Changes that may be Required in the Process

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