• Industrial Data Communications Systems (TS06)


    Course Length: 5 days
    CEU Credits: 3.5


    Starting from the basics, this course gives you the tools to design and maintain industrial communications systems on your plant floor. You'll learn the underlying principles behind today's industrial communications systems, including Modbus, Data Highway Plus, Ethernet, and TCP/IP. Real-life examples and case histories provide insight into the facts behind control networks and how to apply and maintain them effectively in your plant.

    You will be able to:

    • Apply traditional and current serial standards, such as EIA-232, 422, 423, and 485, in industrial plant floor settings
    • Explain the inner working of proprietary PLC networks
    • Identify Local Area Network (LAN) topologies and protocols
    • Compare media access techniques such as CSMA/CD, token passing, and master/slave
    • Describe design methods for Industrial LANs using Ethernet
    • Define the different Ethernet varieties and which are best for industry
    • List options for Ethernet hardware to avoid instant obsolescence and being locked in the past
    • Select and apply fiber optic technology
    • Differentiate between different wireless and Industrial Ethernet alternatives

    You will cover:

    • What is Data Communications?: ISO/OSI Reference Model | Terminology Basics
    • Serial Communications: Modem Principles | The EIA-232E Standard | Beyond 232: EIA-422/423/485/530 Standards
    • The Analog TelCo system including circuit types and Modems
    • The Digital TelCo system  T1/T3 circuits, ISDN, xDSL, Frame Relay, X.25 networks, ATM and SONET
    • Data Link Layer Basics: Data Encoding | Error Detection/Correction Schemes
    • Industrial Protocols:  Modbus and Modbus/IP,  DNP3.0 and DF-1
    • LAN Technologies: Overview of Ethernet Technology | Ethernet Cabling and Configuration Rules | Repeaters, Bridges, Routers, and Gateways
    • TCP/IP basics   | Is Ethernet Ready for the Plant Floor? | Industrial Ethernet Design Techniques
    • Fiber optics:  standards, cables, applications, limitations
    • Wireless Industrial Communications:  SP100, Wireless HART, Wireless Fieldbus, Wireless Profibus
    • Inside the Proprietary PLC Networks: MB+ and DH+ LAN design
    • Data Exchange using   OPC for inter-system data exchanges
    • Troubleshooting Industrial Networks and Fieldbuses: Five Rules for Troubleshooting | Troubleshooting with Statistics | Troubleshooting Tools

    Classroom/Laboratory Exercises:

    • Solve EIA-232 Cabling Problems
    • Use protocol analyzers to capture serial and network traffic
    • Use oscilloscopes to analyze network signals
    • Troubleshoot Ethernet/Windows networks
    • Use cable analyzers to diagnose cable/fiber optic problems

    Includes ISA TextIndustrial Data Communications, Latest Edition

    Not sure this particular course is for you?
    pre-instructional survey is available for you to evaluate your level of understanding of the course material and to show you the types of questions you'll be able to answer after completing the course.


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